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Restarting a Previous Work

역대상 15:1-15:29 본문보기


Who is God like?
Vv. 2, 13- Only those chosen to move the ark are allowed to and if those who are not chosen try to move it then he will punish them (Nu 4:15). God killed Uzzah who disobeyed the proper protocol according to God’s command (13:11). Was there a time where God personally came down to punish you for not following his word? Before God punishes you, recognize your sin and recover the relationship you had with him in your life.

What lesson is God teaching me?
Vv. 2-10- David gathered the Levites who would move the ark of God. To not repeat his previous attempt, which was only filled with passion, he tried his best using the law and method established by God. What do you learn from your failures? Do you go back to the scripture to find the right way so that you will not repeat your failures?
Vv. 16-24- After David established the duty of those who would be moving the ark (v. 15), he organized from the Levites who would be in charge of the music, who would be playing instruments, who would be singers and who would be the doorkeepers for the ark. This was so that when the ark entered the city of Jerusalem, they could bless God, the king of kings with joyous praise. When the kingdom of God comes the first thing that we should do is praise. What is the first sound you make in front of God who comes to you in the Word?


Prayer- May the works of my community and I always be governed by your holy Word.

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