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David and God’s Plans

역대상 17:1-17:15 본문보기


Who is God like?
Vv. 5, 6- After the exodus when the Israelites were wandering from here to there, God also moved with them. Check to see if you are trying to keep God in a building or at home even though God wants to go wherever we go.
Vv. 7-10a- He lifts up the royal authority of David and gives true rest to his people. God’s promise to fight with them and give the Israelites rest when their enemies attacked them from every side came true (Dt 12:10; 25:19). Let us praise God who even today pours out his grace and gives rest to those who have faith in his promise (Isa 62:7).
V. 10b- He promises to build a house for David. It was David who first said that he wanted to make a temple for God but God tells David that God will first make a house for him. This is the order of grace. Before we decide to do something for God, let us first experience the act of grace that God sends our way.
Vv. 11-14- He takes David’s descendents as his adopted son and promises that through him God will make a temple and his throne will be secure. This promise is completed during the time of Solomon but will truly and completely be fulfilled through Jesus Christ, who is a descendent of David (Lu 1:32, 33). Only through the good news does God allow us to become his child. Let us praise God for allowing us to partake in this promise (Eph 3:6).


Prayer- Amazing God of grace, I want to forever praise the works you do for me.

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