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The Meeting with a Samaritan Woman

요한복음 4:1-4:14 본문보기


Who is Jesus like?

Vv. 3,4 Even though He did not have to cross through Samaria, He did out of love He had for other peoples and for the Samaritan woman. He would encounter there. It is because of the love He has to save sinners that He chose to risk his life by going through Samaria. Let us praise Him for the same love and passion He has for us.

V. 6 He is the same as any other human who would get extremely after a long journey. Noble God \'a1\'b0came in human form to dwell with us\'a1\'b1 and could feel fatigue, hunger, sadness and loneliness. He did not just pretend to be human but became fully human to feel exactly how we feel. Let us remember this and gain strength, even in our times of hardship.

Vv. 7-9 He breaks all human prejudice, social practices, and religious taboos. For Him to associate with a Samaritan woman, and an unclean woman at that, even though He is Jewish and a man was unheard of in that day and age. But Jesus wants to break these walls of divisions and make all people one.

Vv. 10-14 He is the One who gives us eternal living water. Jacob\'a1\'afs well could not quench the thirst of the people forever. What is the reason why you are consumed with the world that we are still thirsty even though we see this living water that will never dry up flowing in front of us? Come to this living water.

내게 주는 교훈

What lesson is God teaching me?

V. 12 The Samaritan woman did not recognize that the water Jesus was speaking of was a special gift from God but thought it was natural water. She was the same as Nicodemus. We need the help of the Spirit (14:26) in order to understand the things from above.


Thank you for allowing an alien to Your promise like me to receive the love of the living water and in turn give the living water to others.

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