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Famine and Jeremiah’s Prayer

예레미야 14:1-14:12 본문보기


Who is God like?

vv. 1-6 He punishes the people of Judah through famine, a tool of God’s judgment. The famine caused serious shortage of drinking water (v. 3), water for farming (v. 4), and water for the wild animals (v. 6). Sin not only causes spiritual deprivation by bringing fear to the inner-self, but it also brings painful external afflictions.
vv. 7-9 Although God is our savior and our hope, sometimes we feel abandoned and estranged against his will. Because of our rebellious spirit and disobedience, we distance ourselves from God as he watches us painfully from afar. Do you feel distant from God? When we approach God, he will embrace us (see Jas 4:8).
vv. 7,8 Jeremiah knows how to intercede for his people because he identifies himself with them. In what manner do I address God in my prayers? Do I experience God through my prayers daily? Or do I call upon his name for deliverance only in difficult times? Let us be careful that our prayers of confession do not become empty and ritualistic.
vv. 8,9 Sometimes God feels like a disinterested stranger or a powerless warrior. This is either because God is trying to build more patience in us or he cannot be near us because of our sins. vv. 10-12 God suddenly vows not to respond to the prayers of his people regardless of how earnest they may be. He vows not to accept any fasting or sacrifices done in his name (Isa 1:10-17), but will instead punish them. If our prayers are filled with greed and sinful desires, God will not listen to them. They are just noise to his ears


God, help me to live a life far from evil and grow closer to you.

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